We focus on the research and development of high molecular polymers for water treatment chemicals.

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Water treatment

Polyacrylamide can form bridges between adsorbed particles by adsorbing solid ions suspended in water, forming flocs, which is conducive to the sinking of particles. Sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment plant sewage need to use polyacrylamide and other flocculants for flocculation, clarification and purification.


Oil field industry

Polyacrylamide is a kind of multifunctional oilfield chemical treatment agent, which is widely used in drilling, cementing, completion, workover, fracturing, acidizing, water injection, water plugging and profile control, and tertiary oil recovery operations in oil production. It is in the fields of drilling, water plugging and profile control and tertiary oil recovery.


Mining industry

Polyacrylamide is used in the mining and processing of various minerals and the tailings treatment process. The main purpose is to improve the efficiency and recovery rate of solid-liquid separation.




Dispersant: Adding polyacrylamide dispersant in the papermaking process can effectively prevent fiber agglomeration and improve the uniformity of paper.
Drainage aids: Retention and drainage aids can improve the retention of fibers, fillers, and fine fibers, save pulp, reduce production costs, and improve paper quality and paper machine production efficiency.


Industrial wastewater

Sugar: Polyacrylamide is used in sugar factories to clarify sugar beet or sugarcane juice, as well as sugar extraction, sugar factory sludge dehydration, sewage treatment and other processes.
Architecture: Polyacrylamide is used as a mud-water separator for construction mud in infrastructure construction, which can play a good flocculation effect.
Agriculture: Polyacrylamide is used in agriculture to play the role of soil heat preservation, fertilizer preservation and improvement of soil structure.


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