Analysis of treatment method and technology of wastewater in pharmaceutical factory

Analysis of treatment method and technology of wastewater in pharmaceutical factory

Wastewater treatment method

1. Biological treatment

Biological treatment is the waste water through a series of microorganisms, using the metabolic capacity of microorganisms for treatment, the organic matter decomposition into harmless material treatment method. This method is very good for organic wastewater treatment, safe and environmentally friendly, low cost, and is one of the commonly used wastewater treatment methods.

2. Chemical treatment

Chemical treatment method is to add chemical reagents to treat harmful substances in wastewater and convert them into harmless substances or precipitated substances. This method has a good effect on the treatment of pollutants containing heavy metals, organic substances and sulfates in wastewater, but it consumes a lot of chemical reagents and has the risk of secondary pollution.

3. Physical treatment

Physical treatment method is a method to separate polluting substances from wastewater by physical methods, which mainly includes filtration, membrane separation, adsorption and other treatment methods. Physical treatment method is mainly suitable for wastewater containing suspended substances, pigments and other debris, the treatment effect is better.

Wastewater treatment technology

1. Hydrolytic acidification

The hydrolytic acidification process is to enter the hydrolytic acidification tank for further treatment after the preliminary treatment of wastewater. The method mainly decomposes COD and BOD in wastewater through microbial metabolism and reduces the content of organic matter. Acidifying bacteria, aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria are commonly used in hydrolytic acidifying pools.

2. Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion method is to enter the wastewater treated by the hydrolytic acidification tank into the anaerobic digestion tank for treatment, and use the metabolic action of anaerobic bacteria to further remove pollutants. At the same time, biogas is also produced in the process, which can be recycled.

3. Aerobic treatment

The aerobic treatment method is to pass the wastewater treated by the hydrolytic acidification tank and the anaerobic digestion tank into the aerobic tank for treatment. The metabolic action of aerobic bacteria is mainly used to further decompose the pollutants and improve the quality of the effluent.

4. Mixed biology

The mixed biological method is a combination of anaerobic digestion and aerobic biological treatment, which improves the treatment effect and the stability of the wastewater treatment system

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