Super Absorbent Polymer Potassium polyacrylate

Super absorbent polymer is a functional polymer material with particularly strong water absorption capacity. Non-toxic and harmless, it releases and absorbs water repeatedly, so people in agriculture compare it to a miniature reservoir. At the same time, it can also absorb fertilizers and pesticides and release them slowly to increase fertilizer and drug effects. Superabsorbent resins are widely used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and building materials; in industry, they can be widely used in petrochemicals, cables, papermaking, sensors, fire extinguishers, fiber products, cosmetics, food preservation, inflatable toys, etc.

Product Features
1. Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution to plants, soil and groundwater, fruit trees and flowers, afforestation, soilless cultivation, plant preservation and transportation, field crops, etc.
The final decomposed products of soil water retaining agent and waterproof soil loss agent are carbon dioxide, water, ammoniacal nitrogen and sodium or potassium ions without any residue.
2. Conserve moisture and save water, which can effectively inhibit water evaporation and prevent soil erosion. Even under irrigation conditions, it can still save more than 50% of water.
3. Improve the soil structure, improve the heavy clay soil, sandy soil with leaking fertilizer and secondary saline-alkali soil, and at the same time promote the development of soil microorganisms and improve the turnover and utilization efficiency of soil organic matter.
4. Long service life, integrating the characteristics of various polymers, can repeatedly absorb water to expand and release shrinkage, and the service life in production can reach more than 6 years. It is the soil moisturizing product with the longest service life in the market.
5. The water absorption speed is fast. Generally, the maximum time for natural water absorption to saturation is about 15-40 minutes, and the fastest is 0.4 minutes.
6. The utilization rate of water and fertilizer is high. The "small reservoir" formed by the soil water-retaining agent in the soil accepts fertilization. Irrigation (or rainfall) reduces the trace elements lost by leaching by 1/3, protecting the environment; when there is another drought, absorb enough water The water-retaining agent keeps the surrounding soil moist to supply plant roots with moisture. Even in desert areas and extreme arid climates, when the annual rainfall reaches 200mm, grass and trees can also be planted.
7. Water storage does not rot the roots. The water-retaining agent molecules that absorb enough water like water expand into hydrogel crystals, and the roots will not rot even if they are close to the root system of the plant.
8. Stable performance Even in extreme drought, it will not suck back the water of plants.

Product function
1. Water retention. The water-retaining agent is insoluble in water, but it can absorb water equivalent to a hundred times its own weight. The water-retaining agent can effectively inhibit water evaporation. After the water-retaining agent is infiltrated into the soil, the water evaporation is largely inhibited and the soil saturation content is increased. The amount of water reduces the saturated hydraulic conductivity of the soil, thereby slowing down the speed of soil water release, reducing the infiltration and loss of soil water, achieving the purpose of water retention, and stimulating the growth and development of crop root systems, increasing root length, The number increased and maintained good growth under drought conditions.
2. Fertilizer preservation, because the water-retaining agent has the function of absorbing and retaining water, so it can fix the nutrients needed for the growth of crops such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides dissolved in water, and reduce the leaching of soluble nutrients to a certain extent The loss has achieved the effect of saving water and fertilizer and improving the utilization rate of water and fertilizer.
3. Heat preservation. The water retaining agent has good heat preservation performance. After the water retaining agent is applied, the absorbed water can be used to keep part of the heat generated by the daytime light to adjust the temperature at night, so that the temperature difference between the day and night of the soil is reduced. Mix 0.1% to 0.2 in sandy loam. % water-retaining agent, the temperature monitoring of the 10 cm soil layer shows that it has a buffering effect on the rise and fall of soil temperature, reducing the temperature difference between day and night to 11-13.5°C, while the soil without water-retaining agent is 11-19.5°C.
4. To improve the soil structure, when the water-retaining agent is applied to the soil, with the regular changes of water absorption expansion and water loss shrinkage, the surrounding soil can be changed from compact to loose, and the pores will increase, thereby improving the permeability of the soil to a certain extent. through the situation.


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