Do you understand the difference between belt filter press and plate and frame filter press?

Belt filter press and plate and frame filter press are a commonly used sludge dewatering, solid-liquid separation equipment, what are the characteristics and differences of the two equipment? Let's take a closer look

Belt filter press

It is composed of several roller drums with different diameters and a mixing tank installed on the bracket. It is composed of an upper, middle and lower net dewatering roller tightening roller guide roller correction device and a sealing device at both ends of the dewatering roller driven by the transmission roller. The filter adopts compressed air pressure to tighten the whole net belt, so that the whole net belt maintains a constant expansion force, and the expansion force will not change due to the change of the feed amount. The machine is also equipped with a pneumatic deflecting device, more convenient operation and management, at least one or more dewatering rollers are provided with a sealing device at both ends, consisting of a sealing belt and a roller that drives the sealing belt, the sealing belt is pressed on the horizontal ends of the Internet and the lower net overlap, and a tightening roller is provided between the rollers. With the rotation of the dewatering roller, the sealing belt and the roller wheel are driven to rotate, so that the slurry is not only squeezed by the dewatering roller, but also squeezed by the sealing belt, so as to strengthen the dehydration and seal the slurry.

Equipment advantages:

1. Can handle other filter press can not handle the sludge.

Such as railway, oil field and the use of diatom fine soil process to treat sewage sludge, there is a large amount of sludge, high viscosity problems, the use of belt filter press can achieve good results.

2. Low energy consumption of belt filter press.

In the case of achieving the same treatment effect as other filter presses, the water consumption and power consumption are only 1/3 of other equipment.

3. Belt filter press covers less area.

Due to its special structure, the belt filter press occupies only 1/2 of other equipment in the case of the same treatment effect as other filter presses.

4. Belt filter press has stable operation and long service life.

The filter belt of the belt machine has high strength and short length, and due to the special deflection adjustment structure, it is not easy to deviate, long service life and stable operation; Using high-strength stainless steel bearings, corrosion resistance is greatly improved, and the service life of the equipment can reach 10 years.


1. Belt filter press continuous work energy consumption is large

2. The late maintenance of belt filter press is more difficult

Plate and frame filter press

The plate and frame filter press consists of a group of filter chambers composed of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames. The surface is grooved, and the protruding part is used to support the filter cloth. The edge and corner of the filter frame and filter plate are provided with holes, which constitute a complete channel after assembly, and can pass into the suspension, washing water and filtrate. Each side of the plate and frame has a handle supported on the beam, and the plate and frame are pressed by the pressing device. The filter cloth between the plate and the frame acts as a sealing gasket. The feed pump will suspend the hydraulic pressure into the filter chamber, forming filter slag on the filter cloth until it fills the filter chamber. The filtrate flows through the filter cloth and along the groove of the filter plate to the corner channel of the plate frame and is discharged in a concentrated way. After filtration, clean washing water can be used to wash the filter residue. After washing, compressed air is sometimes used to remove the remaining washing liquid. Then open the filter press to remove the filter slag, clean the filter cloth, re-press the plate and frame, and start the next working cycle.

Equipment advantages:

1. Simple structure, easy operation, stable operation, convenient maintenance.

2. The selection of filter area is flexible and covers less land.

3. Strong adaptability to materials, suitable for a variety of small and medium-sized sludge dewatering occasions.


1. Filter frame feed port is easy to plug, filter cake is not easy to take out, can not run continuously, and the processing capacity is small

2. The ordinary material square plate is not pressure resistant, easy to break the plate, and the filter cloth consumption is large

3. Poor automaticity, difficult maintenance, more complex operation, short service life and so on

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