Polyacrylamide in coal washing wastewater

Polyacrylamide agents should be widely used and have good flocculation effect, but high-quality products will also be affected by other factors in the application of the impression that the use of poor results, coal washing wastewater treatment using polyacrylamide needs to pay attention to the following problems.

1. Polyacrylamide used in coal washing wastewater should pay attention to coal quality

In mine production, in order to distinguish the grade of coal and improve the utilization rate of coal, the coal needs to be cleaned with water. Coal washing itself is a means of environmental protection, but it also brings pollution, that is, coal washing wastewater, such wastewater contains micro-coal powder, sand, clay, page silty rock, etc., its particle size is less than 50μm. Therefore, the coal washing wastewater can act with the particles in the water through polyacrylamide to coagulate and precipitate the coal slime particles, which is a standard and effective treatment method of coal washing wastewater. However, for some small coal washing plants, they may not have their own coal, so the source of coal in the production process is different, which will lead to different coal quality, so the use of polyacrylamide may have a bad flocculation effect. Therefore, polyacrylamide used in coal washing wastewater should pay attention to coal quality.

2. Polyacrylamide used in coal washing wastewater should pay attention to the PH value of the sewage

Any type of sewage is constantly changing, so in any case the use of agents need to be tested first, even if it is a commonly used agent, a certain link of the sewage changes, it will affect the overall treatment effect. PH value for polyacrylamide is an important indicator for coal washing sewage treatment, the type of polyacrylamide to ensure that the pH value of coal slime water is consistent with, usually anionic polyacrylamide for alkaline coal slime water, cationic polyacrylamide for acidic coal slime water, anionic and cationic polyacrylamide mixed use, The flocculation and precipitation effect of coal slime water is better.

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