Food grade sodium polyacrylate

Products Description

Food grade thickener sodium polyacrylate
Sodium polyacrylate is a white (or light yellow) lump or powder. A polymeric compound having hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. Dissolved in cold water, warm water, glycerin, propylene glycol and other media, stable to temperature change, has the effect of fixing metal ions, can prevent the effect of metal ions on products.
Sodium polyacrylate is a water-soluble polymer compound, has thickened water retention product purity high odorless tasteless,long lasting not corrupt, can be used in pasta, processed food and frozen food.
Product name
sodium polyacrylate
White Power/Granule
PH value

Product Application

Product packaging
it is usually packed in 25kg, pp bags or paper plastic composite bags. Of course, we mainly focus on customers, packaging according to customer's requirement.Within 7 working days after receiving the payment.

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