Sodium polyacrylate is used for water retention in new tree transplants

sodium polyacrylate

Super absorbent polymer is also called Sodium polyacrylate, also known as agroforestry water - preserving agent, is a unique three-dimensional mesh structure of organic polymer. In the soil can be rainwater or watering water quickly absorbed and retained, into solid water and not flow not seepage loss, long to maintain local constant humidity, drought slow release for plant use. Its unique water absorption, water storage, water retention performance, in the improvement of ecological environment, windbreak sand fixation project plays a decisive role. It is widely used in land desertification control, agricultural and forestry crop planting, landscaping and other fields.
Product details:
Name: Sodium polyacrylate/ Super absorbent polymer
CAS no:9003-04-7
Appearance: powder or granular
Product package: 25kg/bag


Product Application

Product packaging
it is usually packed in 25kg, pp bags or paper plastic composite bags. Of course, we mainly focus on customers, packaging according to customer's requirement.Within 7 working days after receiving the payment.

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